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Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 3 5
Mature content
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Five :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 1 0
Mature content
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 1 0
Mature content
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 2 0
Mature content
Bonnie Possible, Chapter One :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 2 0
Chapter One - Lost in the Seas
"...The last thing I remembered was being a scared, almost sixteen year old teenage girl in the middle of the ocean during a severe storm with no land in sight."
It was during a dark, stormy night. A lone teenage girl, almost sixteen years in appearance, with a slim yet athletic build, was struggling to stay afloat and above the turbulent waves. Her mid-back length pumpkin colored hair, once vibrant, was sopping wet and limp. The former confidence in her olive green eyes was now replaced by fear. Her ruddy skin tone was now an almost pasty white from the lingering effects of hypothermia and salt water. Her once modest pajamas which consisted of a dark green spaghetti strapped crop top with pink heart in center and black pajama pants was somewhat worn out, tattered, and clinging wetly to her like a second skin.
"I don't know how or why I wound up in the ocean in the first place, only knowing that I didn't have my Kimmunicator with me so I could contact Wade in a dire
:iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 3 0
Kim looked ahead at a rotating vortex tunnel of white and blue light. Suddenly, a red beacon went off on the instrument panel and she pulled the throttle back, getting thrown into the vastness of space. Ahead of her was a forested planetoid with a semi-spherical object in front of it. She heard a commanding voice coming over the radio.
"All Wings report in." General Lando Calrissian commanded.
"Red Leader standing by." Commander Wedge Antilles, her squad leader, reported.
"Gray Leader standing by." Colonel Horton Salm replied.
"Green Leader standing by." Arvel Crynyd answered back.
"Lock S-Foils in attack position." Wedge ordered.
The vast contingent of X-Wings and B-Wings unfolded their wings and began its attack run along with the rest *of* the massive strike fleet.
"May the Force be with us." Admiral Gial Ackbar stated.
Kim, as Red Six, was reflecting on the seriousness of the current sitch. The mission was to have a two prong assault, both
:iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 3 3
Dr. Ivo Robotnik by micknutson9 Dr. Ivo Robotnik :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 30 20 Whirlwind 2 by micknutson9 Whirlwind 2 :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 0 0 Whirlwind Class Corvette by micknutson9 Whirlwind Class Corvette :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 1 1 Super Saiya-jin Level 4 Prince by micknutson9 Super Saiya-jin Level 4 Prince :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 1 1 Shayla Nexus Starcaste by micknutson9 Shayla Nexus Starcaste :iconmicknutson9:micknutson9 0 0


Mature content
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three :iconloverobin:LoveRobin 3 1
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
"You've got to abort!"
"She needs my help," Bonnie Possible replied to her oldest sister. Even as a disembodied voice over the radio, Vonnie's urgency was palpable. She was calling from a Middleton Municipal Legal Complex landline, which was why there was no streaming video compatible with the Boncom, and thus patched to the craft's console instead of her converted compact.
"On final approach," Lonnie stated next to her, flicking several switches on a couple panels both ahead and above her. "Buckle up. As you know, water landings are rougher than runways."
"Bonnie, as a bounty hunter, you know you can't arrest or detain fugitives across international borders. It was a good thing she wasn't at this Professor Atari's place."
"It was 'Professor Acari', not 'Atari'."
"So don't care! I'm just grateful I was able to get the local authorities to meet you there. Cause had she been there and you tried to arrest her—" 
:iconloverobin:LoveRobin 4 3
Hope with ''David Bowie'' by LoveRobin Hope with ''David Bowie'' :iconloverobin:LoveRobin 46 25 Hope the archer by migs308
Mature content
Hope the archer :iconmigs308:migs308 35 9
Hope and ''David Bowie'' in action by LoveRobin Hope and ''David Bowie'' in action :iconloverobin:LoveRobin 38 23 Bad Girl by hotrod2001 Bad Girl :iconhotrod2001:hotrod2001 187 85 Bonnie Cheering by GStevensArt Bonnie Cheering :icongstevensart:GStevensArt 428 34 T is for Thundercats by Inspector97
Mature content
T is for Thundercats :iconinspector97:Inspector97 180 38
Quistis Fujin by ChendzeeaLi Quistis Fujin :iconchendzeeali:ChendzeeaLi 2 3 Kim Possible, The Red Hood [Commission] by DragoLord19D Kim Possible, The Red Hood [Commission] :icondragolord19d:DragoLord19D 177 62 KP: Independence Day by crash360 KP: Independence Day :iconcrash360:crash360 56 10 Innocent Sin by montyoum Innocent Sin :iconmontyoum:montyoum 4,499 369 Totally Tongue Tied by Inspector97
Mature content
Totally Tongue Tied :iconinspector97:Inspector97 393 33
Edge - Chi by Alexlayer Edge - Chi :iconalexlayer:Alexlayer 14 3 Edge - Omega by Alexlayer Edge - Omega :iconalexlayer:Alexlayer 12 13 Commission- Kim Possible, GL by DavidFernandezArt Commission- Kim Possible, GL :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 1,384 175


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Bonnie walked out of the Cheerleader Locker Room dressed in her new cheer outfit which comprised of a purple, gold, and white long-sleeved crop top and a purple and gold double pleated mini-skirt with white trim on the waist. White sneakers and purple ankle socks completed the ensemble. She tied her hair into a high ponytail with a purple scrunchie as she headed towards the other Cheerleaders who gathered in a large group of about thirty-something girls that were already warming up with their stretching. She fixed Tara and her small posse a baleful glare which earned her a wicked smirk in response, ignoring it, she began her stretching routines. Seconds later, the gym doors opened which caused all the girls who were stretching to stop and stand at attention. Hope walked through the doors with her friend Monique and another that was carrying a handheld camcorder whom she didn't recognize. 

"Okay girls," Hope began, making introductions, "I would like you to meet a couple of girls in the student body who will be influential for Spirit Week. The one on my right is Monique Freeman." She said, gesturing to her right. "She's responsible for the new Cheer Uniforms as well as the designs, and I must admit they look fantastic compared to our other ones, wouldn't you all agree?"

When she received enthusiastic nods from almost all the Cheerleaders around her except for Tara and her group, she clucked her tongue in annoyance before rolling her eyes.

Clearing her throat, the Captain went on, "On my left..." She began, gesturing to her left to the new girl of apparent Latino descent, "Is Zita Flores, who's from the school's A/V Club and will be instrumental in the promotional aspect of things. This will include Charity Drives, Pep Rallies, cheer practice, and all games." Hope paused for a second to take a breath before continuing. "You will all show these two respect and make them feel welcomed. Any questions?"

They all shook their head in the negative while the blonde debutant was stroking her chin in thought, a devious plan already set in motion. Grinning evilly, the sexual deviant nodded conspiratorially at her cohorts who nodded in return. Bonnie saw this all happening and narrowed her eyes.

'what is that evil bitch plotting?' The slate-gray eyed blonde thought suspiciously.

"Good." The Noirette beamed, "Then let's stop wasting time by standing around doing absolutely nothing and start by beginning our practice sessions, shall we?" she finished, clapping her hands together.

With that said and done, the girls started practice by doing their initial thirty-minute warm-up exercises before going into full practice. After executing particular jump drills, some with or without injuries or accidental mishaps, they began doing dance routines to selected songs.

After the end of the third song and dance routine, Hope turned off the stereo and clapped her hands again.

"Okay girls, let's take five before we start-up again, alright?" She suggested.

With a tired groan, the girls dispersed to the bleachers, reaching into their bags and grabbing towels. Wiping the sweat of their faces, they each gulped down water from their respected water bottles, sighing in relief.

After Bonnie had wiped off her body of sweat, she was surprised when her Captain approached her with two water bottles, offering one.

Nodding in thanks, the Deputy Captain took the offered bottle before guzzling it down in gratitude.

"Thank you by the way." The Noirette of Grecian descent began.

"Oh? What for?" She asked, somewhat confused, raising an eyebrow.

"For checking up on me earlier after that tense situation with that slutty Tara and her Whorriers." Hope clarified, adding, "It was sweet of you to do that, and I'm also grateful that you took the time to do so. It really meant a lot to me at the end, B."

"A-Ah think nothing of it H." she blushed, further adding. "I'm just glad I could offer assistance of any kind. No one deserves to go through what you just did earlier, Hope, no one at all."

"True," the Team Captain chuckled, "Still, I'm..." she began but only to pause when she noticed something amiss, "Bonnie, is that a Monroe?" The Noirette asked while squinting and taking a scrutinizing look at the piercing above Bonnie's left upper-lip that emulated the beauty mark which was made famous by Marilyn Monroe.

"Oh wow, yeah," Monique observed as she walked over, taking a seat. "I saw it earlier but thought it was a vanity mark so you'd look like your mom and Lonnie. But now that it's blinking…"

"Blinking?" Bonnie interrupted, taking out her orange square compact, she opened it and looked in the miniature mirror, only to gasp in horror when realizing what it was. "That's not a Monroe piercing!" She stated.

"It isn't?" Hope replied, somewhat confused by the sudden change in behavior.


"Then what is it?" The African-American Fashionista asked her friend.

"It's that Dr. Drakken's stupid Nano-Tick bomb and the fact that it's blinking can only mean that it's being tracked." She informed, taking a quick look around to see shocked and disbelieving expressions on everyone's faces. Her eyes widened even further at the implications. "Which means, they're already on their way as we speak."

Grabbing another compact out of her duffel bag, this one being red and round, she got up before heading towards the main doors in a mad dash.



"Where are you going!?" Both of her friends called out in alarm.

"I have to get as far away from any innocent people as possible. The one's I'm dealing with won't hesitate to cause collateral damage." The hero responded back while opening the compact to reveal a reflective monitor and keypad. She expertly pressed a random button to bring up the Hot Contacts List from the Menu Screen with a thumb from one of her hands while pushing a door open with the other, the resulting momentum causing it to slam into the wall before roughly closing behind due to her current speed.

After pressing the number two button for the needed contact unit, she hit the send button before muttering. "C'mon, Lonnie, pick up!"

"What is it, Sis?" Her sister and sidekick Lonnie quietly queried, appearing on screen before whispering. "I'm currently with Vonnie at the courthouse overseeing a legal matter at the moment. It better be good."

"The Nano-Tick is currently on me and is being tracked." 

What!? Are you sure?"

"Yes! So I need you to pick me up as quickly as possible to get so no one else gets involved."

"Alright, I'll be on my way, Squirt, hang tight, okay?"

Before she could offer a response in the affirmative, Lonnie's image vanished from the screen, signaling that her call was disconnected.

"Wonderful," Bonnie grumbled in annoyance as she rounded the corner, heading towards the main school entrance. She then decided to bring up another contact quickly from the menu of her Boncom, the compact device which she was currently holding at the moment.

"Connie! Are you picking up an alien signal coming from my school?" She asked, briefly coming to a stop before pulling one of the main doors open before taking off again. 

"What? Alien signal? Hang on, let me check here. Just give me a sec, okay?" Her other sister, Connie, rambled on over the other end. "Okay, I'm tracking something that's moving away from the school at a fast pace." She confirmed.

"That's me!" The Sophmore student cried out indignantly.

What!? Are you sure?

"Yes! And like I told Lonnie, it's the Nano-Tick bomb from Dr. Drakken's lair! You just confirmed my fears that it's being tracked and that they're on their way as we speak!"

"Yes, Yes, I see, I also see that there's another signal that's heading your way."

"Wha? How far away are they?" She said in alarm, coming to a sudden halt.

"At the speed that it's moving? I'd say about any second now." Her Mission and Tech support supplied.

"Any second now!?" Bonnie cried out in alarm, completely baffled at the news. "For once, let Connie be wrong!"

"I want my Nano-Tick!" Dr. Drakken roared from the hovercraft overhead, causing her to lose grip of the compact-like device, letting it fall to the ground.

"Connie's never wrong." She sighed in exasperation.
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
Bonnie Possible, Chapter One
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Five

Chapter Six of Bonnie Possible teaser is now done after *two weeks* of edits, re-edits, self-beta work and beta-work as well as helpful hints plus suggestions from Love Robin herself. So please give her the much-deserved thanks and praise for all the help she has given me, it'll be most gracious and respectful. Now, as I've stated many times in the previous chapters, please feel free to read and review to your hearts content, okay? :) Thank you! :D Also, helpful, creative critiques, comments, suggestions, and hints are always welcome and fully endorsed! ;) Flames, however, are *not* welcomed whatsoever in any way, shape, or form. So please, no flames, alright? Thanks again! So, without further ado, here it is, please enjoy! :D

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The walk to high school was pretty much uneventful besides the usual meet and greet of some other students that chose to walk instead of taking a bus, driving or catching a ride with a friend or family member. For Bonnie, it was rather peaceful, all things considered. That was until an unwelcome voice reached her ears, causing her to frown in disgust.

"Hey, Ron!" Junior greeted by giving Ron a high-five.

"Yo Junior!" He equally welcomed, returning the high-five. 

"Sup 5-0?" The blond delinquent said, acknowledging her.

"Delinquent." She answered in a clipped tone before muttering "Shit..." to herself after noticing something else in front of her she didn't like.

"Hey, Homey, ready for a Gravatomic day at school?" Vinnie, another member of the Detention Trio, said with a fist-bump.

"You know it," Ron said while returning the hand gesture.

"Yo, it's Beeps..." The African American acknowledged her. "Gonna show us any new sexy cheerleader moves?" He asked, lewdly adding. "I could use a good show."

Bonnie only growled and sneered in response before sniffing, ignoring him.

"Could it be any worse?" The deputy cheerleader asked herself before noticing a shadow looming over her, causing her to mutter. "Forget I asked......."

"Hi, Ron." Big Mike, the third and last member of the Trio smiled before noticing Bonnie. "Cheerleader." He grumbled.

"Yeah, Yeah, the feeling's mutual." She dismissively waved off, cutting it short and adding. "Okay, the greetings are taken care of so let's get to school before either one of us is tardy. And I refuse to be stuck with the Lifetime Losers Club."

As Bonnie walked off, Vinnie couldn't help but ask. "Yo, whassup with her!?"

"Who BP?" He asked to which the others nodded in return.

"Yeah, Beeps is always like that." He merely shrugged off, causing the Detention Trio to shrug in confusion.

"Why me?" She muttered to herself, further adding. "After all... You'll never see me associating with the likes of them. So why me?" She then began tuning out the useless chatter as the four boys talked about meaningless things that only kids like them would. 

As they got closer to the school, both foot and vehicle traffic had begun to pick up, a sure sign they were close to nearing their 'Final Destination'.

Moments later, they've finally reached Middleton High School. Near the front entrance, school buses were unloading students before driving off in a standard, repeated fashion. Kids were either milling about and socializing with one another or heading towards the main entrance to head inside.

"Okay you guys, be on your best behavior." Bonnie suddenly called out.

"Why's that, Bestie?" Ron asked, confused. "Ohhh yeah..." He added, noticing something in front of him.

"Wassup man?" Vinnie inquired.

"Him..." He shakily pointed a finger towards self-appointed "Rear Principal" Barkin's watchful stern eyes, causing all four of them to gulp in fear and her to merely roll her eyes. 

She, herself, knew the truth after all. Mr. Steven Barkin once served in the US Army with the rank of Lieutenant, who got stationed at an outpost ten clicks north of Jai Alai. After being discharged, he somehow used his credentials to "enlist" himself in the faculty. Even though the school system did not recognize his position, he made up the Admiralty-inspired "two-star rank" for himself as next highest in the administration office after Vice Principal. Where and how she got that information, she'd never tell as it was her secret and hers alone to keep. She had to smile to herself in devious satisfaction at that one.

Grunting at their antics, she merely held her head high and trudged forward and greeted Mr. Barkin with a respectful nod, which he curtly returned, whispering. "Be on the alertMiss Possible, something tells me you'll be stuck with those three troublemakers for a very long time." He warned, pointing to the Trio that was with her childhood friend.

"The heck!? What makes you say that?" The teen hero asked in mild shock.

"Let's just call it a Military gut feeling and only leave it at that, shall we?." He replied in finality, dropping the subject.

She merely quirked an eyebrow, looking back to the foursome before shrugging and walking inside the building while muttering. "Great..."

"I'll be keeping an eye on you four." The stern administrator warned as they all gulped again, quickly walking past him and escaping into the safety of the building itself.

As Bonnie walked towards her locker, she took a look at her watch which now read 7:22 AM. Reaching her locker, she opened it up and took off her coat before hanging it up. Reaching into her locker and grabbing what she needed, she then closed it before being greeted by a most welcome sight.

"Mo!" She squealed in joy, squeezing her in a very tight hug, asking. "Back from Montana visiting your Mom for the weekend?"

"YNI, you know it!" Monique laughed, returning the hug.

"You get a chance to visit my family?"

"Sure did!" She confirmed, then dropping a bombshell. "Even spent the night with my new girlfriend." 

"Ho! You and Cousin Kim are finally hooking up?"


"'Bout time. How are my favorite cousins?"

"Kim's doing great. I've been telling her what's going on regarding you and your latest adventures, and it has her going nuts!" The self-proclaimed fashion diva complained.

"That's K for you, always a bundle of energy." Bonnie chuckled in mirth.

"True dat." She confirmed, continuing. "Took nearly an hour to persuade her to chill her fangirling." She added suggestively. "But even, she still said she felt 'rode hard and put away wet'!"

The blonde blushed at the innuendo that her friend implied, earning a chuckle.

"But her sister Joss now wants to become a sidekick like Lonnie." Monique informed, drawing a groan as well as an "oh great" from the hero. Ignoring the quip, she trudged on. "Aunt Ann? She and your Uncle Slim are nauseatingly touchy-feelie in-love." Gagging to herself. "And the Tweebs? They are a hassle as they've always been. So much so that they have their hands full just dealing with them." She finally finished, exhaling a breath.

"At least they're not as bad as my Tweebs, Donnie, and Jonnie," Bonnie replied. "Well... That's until they team up and become the dreaded Qweebs." She added with a shudder.

"Yeah... I hear you." Her best friend girlfriend said in sympathy. She was familiar with the portmanteau words of 'Quad' and 'Dweebs,' thus the phrase Qweebs.

The cheerleader checked her watch again, sighing after reading the current time before apologizing. "Sorry to cut this short, Monique, but it's almost 7:30 and I have about ten minutes before the five-minute warning bell to head for the pre-homeroom cheerleader check in."

"Yeah..." Monique frowned before lightening up with an idea. "We'll talk more after school and catch up then, okay?"

"That sounds like a plan, Monique, see ya later." the blonde Possible waved as she walked towards the gym.

"See ya girl." The other waved, heading off to class.

Reaching the gym, Bonnie headed for the cheerleader check-in area and signed her name on one of the several sign-in sheets that were on the table in varying colors in exact order. Then immediately followed by the other first stringers Liz, Marcella, Crystal and the twins Jessie and Maggie, the last three who smiled evilly at her which she just shrugged off, ignoring them. They were quickly followed by the second and third stringers, and lastly the fourth stringers. After all the cheerleaders signed in, Hope Phüle, the cheer's head captain, walked up and grabbed the clipboards with all the signatures on it off the table, addressing her team.

"Alright, girls..." She began. "This week is Spirit Week and also the week for Spirit Dance. So, having said that, we need to spend time after school to practice not only our routines but also planning our pep rallies as well, now..." the captain paused before looking at the names, then frowned as she noticed something that was amiss. "Where'sTara Rockwaller? She's late!"

As soon as that name left her lips, Crystal, Maggie, and Jessie's evil grin became even sinister as they looked towards the main gymnasium doors. As soon as they opened, the room's temperature went frigid as almost everyone's neck hair rose in fear except for roughly one-quarter of the girls among them. For through the doors, in walked Tara Rockwaller.

Her platinum blond hair was done up in a bun with hair around it before hanging off on the left side in a braided ponytail, reaching her shoulder. A fringe of hair completely covered her left eye. She was in her casual "Hildegard outfit" which comprised a black, gothic Lolita maid outfit with a quad-layered pleated skirt, the bottom-most layer being white and puffy sleeves that came down to her mid-upper arms. Black opera gloves covered her arms and went just past her elbows, a bit of white-pleated lace bordered the end of her gloves. A white lace choker with a black ribbon tied in a neat bow was also covering her neck. A necklace with a gemstone also hung from her neck. Lastly, she wore black, lace-up knee-high boots. 

Her six-inch stiletto heels clicked on the smooth, polished, linoleum gym floor with cat-like grace as she sashayed sluttily towards them, a lewd wolfish grin on her face, eying all of them hungrily with a sharp, calculating and scheming mind. On her heels from behind her was Amelia, who was dressed in a Gothic Lolita dress and carrying a pink umbrella with a white pleated border rim in her arms with extreme care. Amelia's two friends were right beside her and were also dressed the same as she was.

"Sorry, I'm late." The new cheerleader purred seductively in a deep voice which said she was not. "But I had a prior engagement with overseeing my pets in entertaining the football team." She stated suggestively before turning to the captain with a Cheshire grin. "And oh my Gawd, Hope, your boyfriend Brick, well, ex-boyfriend now, what a great fuck he was?"

"YOU LIE!!!" She screamed furiously before trying to defend her friend, the star quarterback. "Brick would never do anything like cheat...on me? What...the hell?" The captain began stammering, at lost for words.

For in front of her was Jessica holding up a cell phone in her face showing Brick engaging in an explicit sexual act with both Tara and Amelia. Their screams and moans of passion echoing through the gym. The majority of the cheer team looking horrified feeling sorrow for their captain while the others just whoop and hollered in hurtful laughter, mocking her. One of them whispering behind her back on being "a lousy fuck to be cheated on like that" to another friend before the pair laughed. 

"Oh my gosh, Brick... How could you?" Hope whispered in despair, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Care to reiterate that claim, my precious little Mustang?" Her 1st Lieutenant mocked. "Face the facts H; you're miserable with boys." She added before listing her Captain's failures of past boyfriends. "Josh Mankey? He turned out to be gay and is currently dating Jason Morgan, the basketball team's Star Forward, who, if I recall correctly, you also showed an interest. The Track and Field captain? He needed pussy, so I sent a couple of the 5th stringers his way to turn into women…" 

"Which got him arrested for statutory!!" Someone called out in the crowd.

"At least he'll have a couple of tight memories to hold him for the next five to ten, hmm?" She shrugged indifferently, adding. "And now Brick Flagg? He's currently serving as my personal fuck-toy!" 

While Tara was in the process of tormenting Hope, a couple of her toadies were doing the check-ins for her.

"With your poor reputation with boyfriends out in the open, no boy would ever want to get near you, much less date you at that. As things stand, you'll be better off batting for the other team." The Co-Captain jeered at her, yet somehow, for some unexplained reason shivered in fear when Hope growled at her in primal fury.

"You...fucking whore......." The captain growled.

"I prefer the term Pedigree Slut, thank you." The deviant blonde said, offended. And before the Captain could act, Tara harshly grabbed Hope's face, feeling cold steel against the cheek. Shifting her own eyes to the side, she widened them in shock when she noticed a thin blade almost piercing her skin. "And I also prefer that you watch your tone when around me. "She warned, grinning. "I definitely wouldn't want to ruin a precious specimen such as yourself, now would I?" Finally whispering in her ear, licking it.

"Specimen!?" The Noirette exclaimed in disbelief, then growling in anger. "I'm insulted!"

"Insulted?" Tara replied, confused. "Why?" She then asked in genuine concern before releasing the blade from Hope's cheek, revealing a small trickle of blood. "Pedigreed animals are some of the most cherished creatures on the planet." Further stating as fact, walking towards Amelia with the sword in hand. "I know I'm cherished." Adding as she sheathed the sword in the umbrella, revealing the origin of the mysterious sword, before turning and walking up to a more guarded Hope. "And you could be too." She finished, this time gently cupping her chin and licking the blood of her cheek like a cat licking milk.

Before the Noirette could offer a retort, the five-minute warning bell for homeroom sounded off, warning students to head for their designated classes.

"Tut," the blonde mewled in displeasure, releasing her latest prey before turning and walking to towards Amelia and her two friends. "Come, girls, we don't want to be late. Until next time, my precious kittens." She addressed them, Crystal, Maggie and Jessica joining her.

As the six walked by a fuming Bonnie, who was keeping her anger in check throughout the entire exchange, Tara made a lewd gesture towards her as she held up the index and middle finger in a V before flicking her tongue through it and walking seductively afterward, shocking her. The Co-Captain shocked the Deputy Captain even further by mouthing "You'll soon be mine" before going on her way.

After they left, civility soon returned, and Bonnie took this time and rushed towards her captain, along with the others that cared, in concern, crowding her in a circle.

"Hope! Are you okay?" She asked. "I'm so sorry for everything that happened to you." Further adding, placing a comforting arm on her shoulder.

"To think..." Hope began, whispering. "If she and her cronies did not get protected by her father and his friends from disciplinary actions, they'd all pay for their insolence. I, myself, would personally oversee them all dropped from the squad."

"Captain?" She asked, confused.

"It's nothing." The Noirette stated, shaking her head dismissively before looking at everyone. 

"You sure?" Bonnie spoke up, somewhat doubtful.

"Yes I'm sure, just get to class everyone so you won't be late, okay?" She ordered.

"Okay," Liz Began. "If you say so..." Marcella finished in sign-language.

Casting a last doubtful glance at their captain, they headed off to homeroom. Homeroom and classes went through without further incident and the teen hero have been lucky that she had no further encounter with the self-proclaimed "School Queen". At least until cheer practice came up when she and the others would have to deal with her again as the final bell of the day rang. Unknown to her, and over the skies of the Tri-Cities, Dr. Drakken, and his henchwoman Shego, had just entered the city limits of Middleton in their hovercraft. In mere moments from now, the quite community will soon be rocked with chaos.

"This is Will Du, get me Dr. Director at once." Global Justice's "Top Agent" ordered into his wrist-mounted communicator looking through binoculars after getting out of a nondescript van packed with surveillance equipment, wanting to confirm with his own eyes after noticing them suddenly appearing on his screens. He lowered them soon afterward and frowned.
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Five
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
Bonnie Possible, Chapter One
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six

Okay, this beast of a teaser chapter took a lot to work on and flesh out. At least 14-15 or so edits and rewrites to get to the point where I'm comfortable with posting it. So please give Love Robin some extra love as she helped me out big time on this as well as she offered me ideas and suggestions on making this chapter turn out in a big way. Sadly, this was also the chapter that I had to bid farewell to my beta reader as he had to bow out at the end. Simply put, he wasn't comfortable with the layout of this idea of ours as he considered it too AU for his tastes, but wished me well in my endeavors. I wish him well and hold no ill will towards him. But at the same time, I'm in the need for a new beta and in the market, so to speak, for someone who shares the same views as us. So, let's focus on other things, shall we? Please feel free to read and review as well as offer helpful, constructive criticism and creative critiques but no flames. Flames are both unwarranted and unwelcome and will not be allowed whatsoever. Thank you and please enjoy this latest cookie! :D

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The alarm clock turned to 5:30 and the buzzer went off. A tired muffled groan followed by an arm coming out from underneath covers as it desperately tried to find and silence the infernal noise. After finding it, the hand slammed down on it hard, turning the device off. Another groan followed before Bonnie's head poked out from beneath the sheets. 

Rubbing sleep out of her eyes, she stared at the time which now read 5:32. After she had got up, the blonde rifled through her closet. She tossed on the bed a pair of Club Banana cerulean denim hip hugger slacks and an onyx V-neck midriff crop top. From her bureau, she grabbed some underwear and headed for the bathroom. After a quick shower and towel off, she exited clad in bra and panties. Quickly donning the laid out clothes, she made the decision to let her eyes rest and wear glasses instead of her contacts. A final check in the mirror, a nod of satisfaction, and she headed for the kitchen grabbing her cheer bag on the way out.

Meanwhile at the ruined lair, Shego was pacing back and forth in deep contemplation after her loss to the teen hero Bonnie Possible. Speaking of whom, she was a bit taken aback when seeing the hurt and disillusionment in her eyes. It was as if she had just somehow learned it was true that her opponent was a villain for the first time. Quickly coming to that conclusion, Shego thought she had inured herself from people talking, but looking into that teen's eyes bothered her. And it bothers her that it bothered her. And yet, it bothers her still more. She had to admit, however, that dodging the laser defense grid greatly impressed her, well almost.

A signal beacon from a nearby tracking device had suddenly caught Shego's attention, interrupting her thoughts. The mercenary for hire walked over and picked it up, being shocked to discover it was coming from the nano-tick of all things. She had thought it destroyed by the chain reaction caused by the initial explosion that destroyed the lair. But according to what she was seeing, apparently, it wasn't and was still active. Adjusting the dial on the tracking device while triangulating on the tick's signal, she went about to find her employer, Dr. Drakken, to show him her recent discovery, all too aware that the triangulating would cause it to ping the tick into a ready status, giving her a GPS lock. The result? A euphoric Dr. Drakken and one dead annoying cheerleader.

It was a quarter to seven in the morning when Bonnie walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. Her mother was at the kitchen stove, cooking breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and fruit. Seeing her daughter, she smiled before going back to what she's doing.

"Morning Bon-Bon, how're you doing?" Did you sleep well?" Her mother, Cándida "Candy" María de Jesús Possible, questioned.

"Yes mom, I slept well, and I'm doing a lot better now compared to last night." Her daughter answered.

"That's good, Pumpkin. We were all worried about you last night." Stated in a worried tone.

"Well I'm doing a lot better now, I just had to let up a lot of pent up anger. Although... I have to admit that I could've handled it better. Daddy and I had a talk about that, by the way." She stated.

"Well good, I'm glad you both did. As long as you talked about your issues and resolved it, that's all that matters in the end." Her mother reasoned as she served her daughter breakfast.

"Thanks, Mom," Bonnie smiled before digging in.

"You're welcome, now eat up quickly now. Ronnie should be over here any minute."

"Okay..." She had replied before a sudden thought hit her, causing to ask. "Where's Daddy and the others?"

"Your Father went to work with Connie at the Middleton Science Center. She'll soon head off to MIST later in the day after Helping out with one of his projects he's working on. Lonnie just headed off to Middleton Community College recently, and will then meet up with Vonnie after getting out. Speaking of Vonnie, she's currently at the courthouse for court arrangements and could be there all day. As for your younger brothers Donnie and Jonnie? They're still in bed. I'll be getting them up pretty soon so I can get them ready and take them to school." Candy reported, listing off each topic of interest.

"Good to know, thanks, Mom." Bonnie gratefully said as she finished her eggs and toast before nibbling on a piece of bacon.

"You're welcome Bon Bon, now finish up so you can get ready to go by the time your friends get here, okay?" Her mother lovingly replied.

"Yes Mom," the teen groaned, finishing her piece of bacon then going to her fruit.

Moments later, after eating the last slice of fruit, she got up with the plate in hand and walked to the sink, placing it in there. She then walked to the coat closet and pulled out her favorite Club Banana malachite jacket with white faux-fur cuffs and standing lapels. Putting it on, she zipped it up to just underneath her bust-line. Just as she'd finished tying her shoes and grabbing her purse, she heard a knock on the door which signaled her "friend's" arrival.

"Okay, I'm heading out, I love you!" She called out.

Okay, Pumpkin, have a good day." Her mother called back.

"I will!" She replied while answering the door.

"Hey BP, ready for another Bon-Diggity day?" Ron Stoppable, her friend since birth, asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be, Ronnie," Bonnie answered while closing the door behind them before walking away from her house. 

As they began heading off to school, they were both unaware that two villains, for at this very moment, were currently on their way in a flying hovercraft on a collision course straight for Middleton. Putting the innocent citizens, and our heroes, at risk.
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
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Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three
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Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six

Here it is, the fourth teaser of Bonnie Possible. As always, please read and review as well as leave behind creative and helpful critiques and helpful suggestions, but no flames whatsoever. Flames are not welcomed. As always, give credit to Love Robin as some of her writing help made it in here and helped influence this chapter in a big way. So a shoutout to her will be grateful. :D

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The front door of the Possible household opened harshly as a tanned, slender and curvy fourteen-year-old girl stormed in with hot, angry tears as her sister and sidekick Lonnie came in right on her heels. Ignoring the startled cry of "Bonnie!" from her other older sister Connie, she marched up to her room upstairs and slammed the door closed in anger. Using both of her gray fingerless-gloved hands, roughly peeled off her Harlequin pink and black sleeveless midriff mock turtleneck, revealing a pink sports bra underneath. Carelessly tossing it on the bed behind her, she roughly opened her closet doors, revealing several other tops of like design and threw them on the bed too.

Grabbing the tops in both arms, Bonnie marched out of her room like a woman on a mission to the backyard fire pit and tossing them in there. She roughly grabbed the lighter fluid on a nearby table and doused the pit before throwing in a lit match. After watching the pile burn with her light slate-gray eyes, the blonde laughed bitterly at her naïveté, not wanting to believe that her one-time hero and idol Shego was now a criminal. She had dismissed the mugshot she'd seen as a hoax until she'd returned from her first encounter with Dr. Drakken. The teen hero was shocked and dismayed when she'd found all the rumors of her idol going rogue were true, bringing her back to the current situation right now.

Having seen enough as her tops being consumed by flame, Bonnie walked past her other siblings and parents, ignoring their shocked and dumbfounded looks, heading back to her room and slamming the door shut once again. First taking off her pink gun belt which held dual pistols, carefully hanging it on nearby coat rack before stripping down to her pink thong and tossing the rest of her mission outfit in a corner. Releasing a choked sob and angry sigh, she fell into bed as she started to cry, shaking between sobs while screaming angrily into her pillow. A few minutes later she was calm enough to get slowly up. Lazily walking to the closet, she looked into the far back and found her old mission outfit which consisted of a bubblegum three-quarter sleeve midriff mock turtleneck, utility belt with side pouch, and onyx cargos. While contemplating, a hesitant knock brought her out of her musings.

Still holding her old mission suit from her freshman year, Bonnie cleared her throat before answering.

"Uh, yes? Who is it?" She timidly questioned.

"It's me, Bonnie-cub, may I please come in?" Her father, Dr. James Timothy Possible, answered.

The response caused Bonnie to smile softly, shaking her head, she hung the outfit back up in the closet.

"Yeah, just a second, Daddy, I need to get decent first."

"Sure thing, Pistol!" Her dad responded.

Bonnie softly chuckle to herself before shaking her head in amusement. Walking to her dresser, she pulled open the second drawer for pajamas to wear, a pair of jade pajama pants and a tank top of the lighter shade, pulling them on. Going about the task of picking up discarded articles of clothing, placing everything in the laundry hamper to be washed. She picked up her discarded boots, placing them neatly next to the coat rack before taking both ankle and arm pouches, setting them on the desk next to the gloves beside her computer. Nodding to self in satisfaction that tasks done and everything in order, Bonnie walked into the adjoining bathroom to look at her reflection in the medicine cabinet. She opened a mirror panel to pull out a case with another set of contacts for the next day before closing it.

"Stupid bitch...", She muttered to herself in annoyance. Musing how after losing a contact during the fight against Shego, she quickly had to ditch the other one.

After throwing the other contact case into the trash, she started her nightly routine, finally feeling more human she shut off the light and walked over to her bed. Pulling back covers, Bonnie got in and pulled them up to her chest, getting herself settled in comfortably.

"You can come in now, Daddy!" Bonnie called out for him to enter.

"Hey Bonnie-Cub, how you feeling?" Her father gently asked.

"A little bit better, still disappointed and upset, though." She sighed in response, looking down.

I can kind of imagine... Finding out a one-time hero that you use to respect and idolize, only later learning said hero threw it all away for a life of crime would grind anyone's gears." He stated understandably.

"Yeah... Yeah, I guess it would, wouldn't it?" His daughter agreed, albeit amused at the way her father said things no matter how meaningful they were.

"But.." He began seriously, catching her attention before continuing. "It's how you use that disappointment, in the end, understand?"

"Yeah..." She sighed, her head down in shame, then continuing. "I guess I overreacted a bit, huh?"

"Overreacted is an understatement..." He chuckled in disbelief, "You managed to destroy several thousand dollars of expensive designer clothes by burning them in a bonfire!" He finished in shocked amazement.

"Heh, heh, oops..." She replied, blushing in embarrassment. "I guess it'll be coming out of my allowance then; I take it?" She then guessed.

"Mmm..." He nodded in agreement. "But you'll also be able to gain it back after doing a few Skip Tracing, Bounty Hunting or PI jobs. I'll just have to deduct an additional 10% from your reward for a time is all."

"Bonnie..." He began again, this time, softer and understanding. "People who are placed on a pedestal to be idolized or worshiped tend to let us down. In the end, all people change over time, including those you once used to love and respect.

"I guess I should've seen the signs instead of carelessly brushing them off or ignoring them as I did earlier, huh?" Bonnie stated.

"Yep." James nodded in agreement.

"But it still hurts so much, Daddy..." She choked.

"I know it does, Bonnie-Cub." He said soothingly, pulling her into a fatherly hug before looking her in the eyes. "And as I said before... It's how you use your feelings at the end of the day that'll either strengthen or break you."

"After all... Instead of using your anger to burn all of the mission tops like you did earlier, you could've channeled that anger into something more useful instead." 

Like?" She asked in confusion, tilting her head to one side. 

"Well... Like target practice. That is why we got you those guns in the first place after that incident with that one pedophile rapist serial killer two years ago." He stated matter of factly. An involuntary shudder in which she almost was raped and killed two years ago.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Daddy." She involuntarily shivered before quickly shaking her head and ridding herself from that painful memory, apparently still leaving some scars of that dark day.

"Of course, I am." He nodded in agreement. "It'll all work out in the end; you'll see..." He finished, going in for a hug goodnight, which Bonnie accepted graciously.

"Thank you, Daddy!"

You're welcome, Bonnie-Cub, goodnight." James said before releasing Bonnie and walking to the bedroom door only to stop and look back at her one last time for the night.

Goodnight, Daddy, I love you!"

"Love you too, Pistol, sweet dreams." He smiled warmly before opening up the door, turning off the light, and walking out while closing it behind him.

Bonnie settled in further into the bed before pulling her covers over her. She was in blissful sleep with a contented, peaceful smile on her face. Tomorrow would be a new day, and new challenges would arise for her to face. For unnoticed to her and everyone else in the Possible household, a red dot near her left upper lip was blinking.
Bonnie Possible, Chapter One
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Five
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six

Here it is everyone, the first teaser chapter of Bonnie Possible. It was thought, planned, and collaborated by both myself and Love Robin. Please enjoy and don't forget to give Love Robin credit as well since I, myself, wouldn't even go this route if it wasn't for her. Having said all of that, please feel free to read and enjoy this cookie and don't forget to comment or creatively and helpful critique, alright? Oh, and please no flames, okay? :) Thank you! :D

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After closing Bonnie's door, James decided to check on Donnie and Jonnie next. Peeking into their room only to find them sound asleep, he smiled before quietly closed the door before heading to Connie and Lonnie's room to wish them goodnight. 

Meanwhile, in Connie and Lonnie's room, the twins, both in their respective night attire. Connie was wearing pajamas consisting of a t-shirt and sweatpants. Lonnie, on the other hand, was wearing a short, sheer and silky negligée which showed off her ample pillowy cleavage and very fuckable long legs. Her thin straps were hanging off her shoulders, giving the appearance it was about to fall off, ready for some fun action to come, but not falling off at the same time. While Connie's was more comfortable and casual, Lonnie's was more alluring and seductive. 

They were currently working on a scientific project. The brunette was sitting behind a desk while typing away on personal iMac G4, and the Titanium PowerBook G4 hooked up with a USB cable. Blue-green eyes behind small wire-rimmed rectangular glasses were skimming over the data on the 17" monitor screen. From behind, Lonnie was looking over her sister's shoulder, green-blue eyes behind large round designer glasses also taking in the data as well. 

The blonde pointed at something on screen which caused the brunette to nod before typing in a set of algorithms before hitting return. Patiently waiting a few seconds only to be dismayed with the words "Simulated Test 187 Failed!" flashing in front of them. Sighing as she took off glasses, Connie closed her eyes, rubbing them in frustration.

A knock on the open door caught the elder twins attention causing them to turn in general direction.

"Constance, Longevité, how's the research going?" He curiously asked.

"Not good..." Connie, or Constance, answered placing the glasses back on while Lonnie, or Longevité, smiled seductively at him.

"Why, what's wrong?" The Rocket Scientist replied, somewhat concerned, ignoring the latter twin while addressing the former.

"While the science of this particular project is sound. Getting it to repair and modify itself as well as grow, all with a command signal no less seems pretty farfetched at the moment." Connie explained the science behind it while expressing doubt. "I still can't imagine how you guys somehow managed to sell this insane idea to the Board of Directors at the Science Center." She finished in shocked disbelief.

"Now Connie..." James began, frowning, "The Hephaestus Project is supposed to revolutionize space exploration as we know it. As it stands right now, it has the potential of making it much safer than before, possibly saving future lives. And besides..." he further explained before pausing, just now remembering, "We already spent millions and by the time it's finished, it may be in the billions..."

"That may all well be real and genuine, assuming that Rockwaller Industries doesn't somehow find out about it, that is." the elder twin skeptically replied with a hint of fear about the wrong people finding out. Lonnie, on the other hand, tried to brush a few strands of hair behind her ear in a flirtatious manner, causing Connie to roll her eyes.

"Now don't you worry Connie-cub, it'll be a cold day in Hell before I let those circus folk get their hands on it." He said in determination.

"Agreed, anything they touch or get their grubby little mitts on, they wind up destroying."

"That they do, Connie, that they do indeed." their father agreed before changing to another topic altogether. "What about the J-Type Rocket fuel or the Kepler Project? How're they coming along?"

"We've managed to get up to J-Type 119 in simulations with some pretty satisfying results. I surmise it'll take several other versions until we get the results that we're all looking for." Lonnie finally spoke up, brushing up against him.

"That's great news, Lonnie-cub!" The patriarch exclaimed before inquiring. "And what about the Kepler prototype? What's the status update on that one?"

"It's currently on the fifteenth prototype model in development drawings, each design looking more and more promising than the one before." She reported the matter of factly.

"I'm amazed," he marveled, "Are you sure you don't want to transfer from Middleton Community College to MIST where your sister Constance goes? Your design skills will be greatly appreciated." He asked, trying to persuade the aspiring beautician.

"Pass..." she scoffed, disinterested at the idea.

"Okay..." Uncertain before addressing the two, "Why don't you save what you have already and turn in for the night, okay? It's already getting late, and you both have school in the morning."

They both looked at the clock on the monster screen, the time saying 10:57 pm, nodding, they saved everything before exiting and placing it in sleep mode. After getting in bed, Lonnie tentatively asked, "Daddy? How's Bon-Bon doing?"

"She's doing better now than she was before. She just needs a full restful night of sleep to overcome the current state of shock and disappointment, is all." He answered assuredly, effectively calming her worries as she settled in.

"That's good to hear. We were all worried." Stated Connie, settling in herself.

"I think we all were, Connie-cub, but like I said before, all that's needed right now is a good night sleep to remove one's conscious." James reiterated.

"You're right, Daddy, goodnight," They both replied in unison.

"Goodnight girls, sleep tight." He chuckled before closing of the light and closing the door. Connie and Lonnie both turned off the lamps on nightstands before taking off their glasses, quickly falling asleep seconds after closing eyes.

Mr. Possible walked into the master bedroom where he noticed his wife Candy already sound asleep. Getting into bed next to her, he turned off his nightlight before falling asleep himself. The Possible household was finally becoming peaceful for the night.
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Two
Bonnie Possible, Prologue
Bonnie Possible, Chapter One
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Three
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Four
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Five
Bonnie Possible, Chapter Six

All right folks, here's the official second teaser for Bonnie Possible. Feel free to read and review or offer helpful, creative critique but no flames please, okay? :) Thanks and now enjoy this second cookie! :D Oh, and please don't forget to give Love Robin some love too, alright? Thank you!


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